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Mike Gilman

Investment Advisor Representative



Mike Gilman is an Investment Advisor with Gerber Kawasaki. Mike realizes the importance of financial well-being to one’s happiness and passionately enjoys helping clients with tailored financial plans and investment strategies to achieve their personal financial goals and dreams.

After graduating from USC with an MBA in Finance and Marketing, Mike spent the next 20 years as a Director of multi-million-dollar businesses for top companies like Neutrogena, Unilever, and Nabisco.

Desiring to leverage his vast experience in business to help people on a more personal level, Mike transitioned to a career as a Financial Services Professional beginning with New York Life Insurance & NYLife Securities followed by Fidelity Investments before joining Gerber Kawasaki.

Mike thinks that financial planning should be a tool that simplifies your life. Clients come to him because he helps them build a financial plan for their future that they can understand - without the over-complication and industry jargon so common today. Armed with 5+ years of financial services experience, he believes that a complete understanding of his clients' vision of their future is the foundation of a good strategy.

Mike grew up in Santa Monica where he discovered another passion of his: surfing. He also broadened his horizons and appreciation for other cultures living abroad in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 5 years and now speaks fluent Portuguese.

CA Insurance Lic:#0K62704


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