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GK is a contributor to many traditional and non-traditional media outlets (CNBC, WSJ, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fox Business, etc.) and social media.

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GK Original Shows

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Ross Gerber - Elon's Focus | CNBC: Last Call

After Elon Musk gave thousands of Nvidia chips that were meant for Tesla to his other companies X and xAI, it seems he may be playing favorites. This week, CEO Ross Gerber shares why he agrees that Elon’s focus has shifted away from Tesla.

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Future Money: The Darling of Investing

Following April’s correction, the market is back to all-time highs. As Nvidia continues to lead the AI Boom, their already high expectations have been exceeded once again. On this episode of Future Money, we dive deeper into the headspace of our co-hosts and their journey as long-term Nvidia investors.

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Ross Gerber - Stinky Kitty | Benzinga

Following the return of Roaring Kitty, CEO Ross Gerber shares why he believe there is something stinky in the kitty litter. Here’s why Ross believes meme stocks are a gamble, not a long-term investment.

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Robby Lewis - Vacation Spending | Gerber Kawasaki

Going on vacation without a budget is a recipe for disaster. Discover practical tips from GK Financial Advisor Robby Lewis in his latest article on how to enjoy a relaxing trip without putting a major strain on your wallet.

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Ross Gerber - Elon's Empire | Schwab Network

The narrative of Tesla is continuing to change. As investors continue to battle over Elon Musk’s pay package, CEO Ross Gerber shares how the EV company is shifting its focus to autonomous driving, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

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Hatem Dhiab - Quarterly Market Update | Medium Energy

Last week, GK Managing Partner Hatem Dhiab joined the Medium Energy Podcast to discuss new ways tech investors are making money off of AI, Spatial Computing, and Crypto. If you’re looking to benefit off this new tech revolution, you don’t want to miss this podcast!

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