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Why Gerber Kawasaki

Our mission is to provide the highest level of integrity, dedication and objectivity in guiding our clients to maximize their financial resources in order to plan for their financial and life goals. We use a holistic approach, we work with you to increase your understanding of your personal finances and provide education to empower you to take on the necessary steps to achieve your goals in life.

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As an independent investment advisor, we help you choose the most appropriate investments based on your needs. Gerber Kawasaki is a fiduciary. This gives you the confidence to know that we are working for you. Trust is a crucial element in building strong relationships.


Personalized Financial Plans

We develop a long-term, personal relationship with you. We learn about you and your needs, goals, and dreams. We use a holistic approach to financial planning, educating you about your financial planning needs. Then, we work diligently to create a customized plan for you. We meet with you in person and continually update you on your accounts and investments, current strategy, and progress.

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We Educate and Inform

We spend a considerable amount of time reviewing investment and account options with you and then help you make better choices in planning your future. Through the learning process, we empower you to make strong financial decisions and weigh out your options with our guidance.


Low Fees and Expenses

We focus on providing the lowest possible costs and fees. We know that the lower the investment costs, the higher the net returns. We take pride in our great service and results at the lowest cost possible.

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Always Connected

Gerber Kawasaki's technology keeps our clients connected to their advisor, accounts, and information any time anywhere. Our dedicated iOS application provides our clients access to everything they need to know about their money and our firm. Our firm is active on social media which means you can always contact us and learn more about achieving your goals.


Proprietary Research

We manage and pick all of our investments using the experience, hard work, and systems of our investment selection committee. No two accounts are the same since we customize all aspects of your investment portfolio. Through teamwork, diligence, and focus, we identify the most appropriate opportunities in the markets and then design a plan that is right for you.

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