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Financial Planning

Now is the time to take the steps to build the life you want. 

Now is the time to take the steps to build the life you want. No matter what stage of life you are in, it all starts with building a financial plan. Building your financial security empowers you to live the way you want and gives you the confidence to enjoy your life. If you are new to financial planning and want to learn more, are interested in taking action to build your financial plan, or an investor looking to get help in managing your current accounts, Gerber Kawasaki offers solutions for all of your financial planning needs.

Gerber Kawasaki
has three financial planning programs:

Get Invested

​Get Invested focuses on educating a new generation of investors. It is a full-service financial planning advisory program for young people wanting to start building their wealth with a limited amount of investable assets. You will have a dedicated financial advisor to help get you ahead.

  • Financial Planning Education

  • Complete Financial Review

  • Goals and Risk Assessment

  • Student Loans, Starting A Career, and Home Savings Plans

Wealth Management 

Wealth Management Plan focuses on established individuals and families seeking custom portfolio management services, comprehensive financial planning, retirement income planning, family insurance protection, and estate planning. Portfolio management services require a minimum account size of $250,000.

  •  Comprehensive Financial Planning

  •  Lifestyle Budgeting and Goal Assessment

  •  Investment Portfolio Review and Management

  •  Retirement Income Planning

  •  Insurance and Estate Planning

High Net Worth

High Net Worth focuses on high-profile individuals with over $2,000,000 of investable assets. We provide tax-efficient and tactical asset allocation strategies aimed to dampen volatility and focus on risk-adjusted returns.

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning

  • Macroeconomic Analysis and Proprietary Equity Research

  • Strategic Tax Planning and Simplified Preparation and Filing

  • Retirement, Insurance, and Estate Planning

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